Where in the world is Old World?

It is a dream of ours to see reclaimed wood take us to the very edges of this world in search for old wood that tells a story.  We are slowly being taken out of our comfort zone and into undiscovered places of the old world where wood that once was a treasure, but over time got damaged and discarded, awaits someone who can redeem it.  

So, this post will be the beginning of a theme that we will continue on and on into the foreseeable future.  We want to take all of you with us as we discover old wood from ancient times in order to reclaim, redeem and repurpose it into a beautiful story.  We want to essentially document the OWT story in real time.

Most recently our journey took us to Holland, accurately called The Netherlands. We are dedicated to growing our cultural proficiency and we desire the same for our readers, for this reason we have included this great short video by CGP Grey that will change your world :)

We don't want to overdose our readers with just wood. Understand, we love old wood. We love to reclaim wood. We love to tell the wood's story.  But none of us want to get inebriated on wood... in all things moderation, correct? Besides, we have all learned from the Millennials around us how to look up anything with the click of a button. So instead of inundating you with mere facts about a destination of ours we will stick to one unique thing we collected along the way. We think everyone can celebrate that. 

Probably by now you have subconsciously busted your memory to make the connection that Amsterdam is connected to The Netherlands. Perhaps the name Amsterdam immediately brought to your mind "the red light district" or "legalised marijuana." Let's steer away from that and bring something new to the picture.  

While scouting for reclaiming wood in Holland, Stevie, our director of global sourcing, was able to take a short course on "professional coaching." One of the fastest growing industries world wide is the coaching domain.  Google it if you want.  Why do we bring this up? Well, at OWT remember we reclaim, redeem and repurpose more than just wood.  Many of the people we work with on the international scene have limited resources to see their lives or businesses thrive. Our desire goes beyond just wanting to find cool wood to turn a profit. We want to redeem people as well. One way we are convinced this can happen is to help develop people. One of the best ways to develop people is to ask them the right questions that could guide them into a more balanced, focused, and organised life.  Perhaps the biggest take-away we can pass forward from The Netherlands experience is this... Telling people how to change is not as effective as learning to ask them the right questions.





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Garrett Ebel