Interesting facts about reclaimed wood.

It is not uncommon once someone hears about what we do to ask us if we anticipate our reclaimed wood supply to run out.  There has also been articles written about how the reclaimed wood fad is coming to an end. Since human kind has been using wood for over 6,000 years we don't believe there is anything to worry about.  After reading some of these interesting facts, why don't you decide for yourself.

* The process of making reclaimed flooring takes over 10 times less total energy than using fresh cut trees to produce wood flooring.

* According to a report by TIME magazine, there are 3 trillion trees in the world, people cut down 15 billion trees each year, and since the civilization of man the global tree count is down 46%.

* According to the EPA there was 16.9 million tons of wood waste in the US in 2014.

* Also according to the EPA there was only 2.6 million tons of this wasted wood recycled in 2014.

* Longleaf heart pine was once the most functional timber for construction during the Industrial Revolution and the trees could take up to 400 years to mature.

* Different names for reclaimed wood & lumber: recycled, repurposed, antique, distressed, recovered, upcycled, and distressed. 

*We stole these facts from our friends at Woodcraft.

Did you know:

... that no forest is destroyed to harvest wood used for decorative purposes?

... that only a few trees have the properties necessary for their wood to be used for decorative purposes?

... that for this reason only a very small portion of a timber harvest (1-5%) can be made into veneer and only slightly more into lumber?

... that ten percent of today´s forest areas would be enough to meet the worldwide demand for timber sustainably (including paper production)?

... that more than half of the wood harvested in the world is burned to generate energy?

... that the forested area in most industrial countries is growing, especially in the hardwood forests of North America and Europe, and that less timber is cut than grows back?


Wait for more interesting facts about wood as we come across them. We never want to post too much info at once. That would bore even ourselves.









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