Even our grandma gets it!

Allow me to start off by identifying that this post is real. CEO and founder of Old World Timber, Nathan Brown, has a real grandma. Also, Nathan's siblings help him with his business to varying degrees. So when I write "our grandma gets it," it's because there is a real grandma out there that was apart of this story, not a symbolic, metaphoric or mythological creature (and one of her real grandsons just happens to be writing this post).  I hope this ridiculous disclaimer demonstrates the seriousness of this post.

And there we were this past Sunday afternoon, resting from another hard but good week in the reclaimed wood trade when grandma Barnett sent this video posted below. We love our grandma. She has always been supportive of what we do. Let me take that back. We have done some stupid stuff in our lives. Grandma Barnett has always been supportive of us. Some things we choose not to tell her to protect her. I'm sure you understand and I'm sure most of you are guilty of protecting your grandma for similar reasons.

We knew our grandma supported us. And we were convinced that our grandma thought our reclaimed wood designs were pretty cool. But it wasn't until this last Sunday night when she sent us this video that we realised that our grandma totally gets it. She not only gets what we do, but she gets why we do it.

What a good day that was to discover that our grandma and us are in accord together! And a special thanks to Bob Byerly and his video for helping make this come to pass.













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