Old World Timberrican Hardwood has just completed another amazing commercial flooring project – this time for the popular national clothing retailer, Anthropologie. When Anthropologie embarked on designing a new store for Warehouse Row, a historical shopping destination in Chattanooga, Tennessee, they enlisted the assistance of Old World Timberrican Hardwood to find the perfect hardwood flooring for this unique space.

A location steeped in Tennessee history, Warehouse Row began as the Old Stone Fort during the Civil War. Today, this location is a popular shopping center which merges Chattanooga’s rich heritage with its vibrant, contemporary culture, and features some of the city’s best retail and dining.

In keeping with this location’s history and the old world character of the store’s brand, Anthropologies’ designers chose reclaimed heart pine flooring. The timbers for this reclaimed heart pine flooring were salvaged by Old World Timberrican Hardwood from the Vaugh Tobacco Warehouses of Lexington, Kentucky. Originally serving as decking timbers, this reclaimed heart pine flooring was chosen for its patina and wear, which gives the wood a unique charm and warm feel. This appeal can only come from a reclaimed wood, with its own rich history.

Salvaged and milled by Old World Timberrican Hardwood, the reclaimed heart pine flooring has provided a unique foundation for this artfully designed clothing store, offering an exquisite shopping experience for the customer.

The Old World Timberrican Hardwood mission is to preserve the architectural heritage of our nation by rescuing antique woods for products such as reclaimed heart pine flooring. Old World Timberrican Hardwood is your premier source for reclaimed woods of all varieties.

Mike Hall