The answer to our WHY.

Everyone in the world has their "widget."  So much time and so many resources typically go into trying to communicate the WHAT or the HOW of a "widget," yet most people are left uninspired.  Although we at OWT sell really cool reclaimed wood products, its the WHY that keeps us dreaming bigger dreams. 

WHY do we reclaim, redeem and repurpose wood? Because we believe everything in this world and every person in this world can also be reclaimed, redeemed and repurposed, no matter what damage has taken place.  We are second chance people working with second chance wood.

The daily visual of working with reclaimed wood keeps all of us at OWT inspired to help reclaim lives as well.  I believe the process of making a RECLAIMED MANTLE BEAM illustrates this the best.

Take this barn below for example. It is battered, broken, dilapidated, and abandoned. At first glance it looks like a good for nothing hazard that should be best used for a huge bonfire.  But that's not what we see.


We take barns such as this, and carefully and systematically RECLAIM it's timbers like what you see below.  Cool huh? And this is the easy step...


Then comes the most difficult step: the REDEEMING process. This is where we go through the labor intensive process to de-nail, kiln dry, mill, plane, trim and organise each individual timber. 


But at the end we have the unique opportunity to REDEEM many kinds of spaces that impact our world.  A huge timber once laying dormant in a would-be burn pile can become a mantle beam that becomes the center of living room. 


Every RECLAIMED mantle beam, all our RECLAIMED wallboard, and each RECLAIMED flooring that we REDEEM AND REPURPOSE also reminds us of the the second chances we have been given. Every person in this world has felt battered, broken, dilapidated, or abandoned at one point or another. It's one of the realities that defines the human experience.  But we don't believe any person should remain abandoned. Every person deserves an opportunity to be RECLAIMED, REDEEMED AND REPURPOSED into something greater than their brokenness or mistakes. Every distinct nail mark, mortis pocket, crack and imperfection is what gives each individual mantle beam it's unique beauty... and it's no different with people.

This reality is what keeps us dreaming bigger and labouring harder.  It keeps us working overtime and on the weekends. And hopefully it reminds us to look at each of us faulted individuals with a little more compassion. It is our WHY!


By Stevie Brown, OWT Director of Global Supply





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