OWT, The Summit at Fritz Farm and WKYT.

Using horse racing terms you could say this project hit the trifecta!  Lexington’s very own @oldworldtimer teamed up with @theBarn and @theSummitatFritzFarm and it was all captured by @wkyt. In the words of Dick Vitale... “Trifecta baby!!”

We are so pumped to have been apart of the decor for The Barn and Whiskey Bear at the The Summit at Fritz Farm. Our reclaimed barn wood wall board and our reclaimed fence plank are all on display both on the interior and exterior of the new food hall. We think our reclaimed table tops and reclaimed bar tops came out pretty nice as well.

It brings us great pride to be included in Lexington’s newest big deal. We can’t wait to have a business lunch at The Barn. Maybe we will see you there.

Garrett Ebel