Old World Timber guarantees our products will meet the standards included in our product specification sheets and in our price quotes. We will replace any pieces that do not meet the specifications of species, character, dimensions, profile, and quality.

Old World Timber does not accept any liability for problems resulting from transporting, storage, site conditions, installation or maintenance of our products. Once Old World Timber product is received by the consumer, it is his/her responsibility to notify their retailer of any discrepancies in regards to product quality and accuracy within 5 days of delivery.

Additionally, the consumer/installer is responsible for inspecting each piece prior to installation. Installation acknowledges acceptance of the material and will can not be replaced or returned. Old World Timber does not accept responsibility or liability for any material once it has been installed. DO NOT INSTALL products if there are concerns regarding quality or specifications. Contact your Old World Timber retailer immediately for replacement if necessary.

Upon installation, the product is deemed acceptable and can no longer be returned or replaced. In the event of moisture-related failure or installation of defective product, the installer is ultimately responsible for the costs necessary to repair and/or replace.

Our recommended installation and maintenance guidelines are consistent with industry practices.  A licensed contractor or certified installer should be consulted regarding the specifics of each project.

Note: Product returns must be received in their original condition for full credit. A handling charge will be applied to any returns not palletized or boxed in their original condition.